[ Chehwajeong - The house that is built by Lee Minjuck during King Hyojong's period.

What meets Chehwajeong in Andong City in winter is very very lucky. 

Chehwajeong which is located in Andong city in Gyeongsangbuk-do Province is still boasting its a graceful and beautiful figure during a severe winter.

I don't know what Chehwa means. It is said that Chehwa means a strong friendship between brothers, which is originated from the Book of Odes of China.

The small cute house is harmony with a front pond and a reward mountain.

If you want to go on a journey to the place which is quiet and peaceful and get out of the complicated city, I'll recommend this place.

Chehwajeong is the best shelter that escapes from a monotonous daily life.

What kind of student are you? If you are a student, I want you to go to Chehwajeong.  

경상북도 안동시에 위치한 "체화정"입니다. 

"체화"라는 말은 중국 시경에서 유래된 말로서 "형제간의 우애"를 뜻한다고 하더군요.

조그맣고 아담한 집과 앞의 연못(체화지), 뒤쪽의 산과 어울어진 모습이 단아하고 곱더군요.

마음이 답답하고 번거로운 일이 많다면 이곳을 추천합니다.

특히, 공부하는 학생들이라면 주말에 일과를 훌훌 털어버리고 하루 코스로 다녀올 만한 겨울여행지로 추천해 드립니다.


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